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H&S COVID-19 Exceptions Process

If your department re-opened, the exceptions below do not apply.

Why do we have an exceptions process?

Stanford is currently in Stage 2 of the restart process. Only essential employees, authorized researchers, and those with permission to be on campus are allowed on campus at this time. All work that can be done from home should continue to be done remotely.

Exceptions are required for the following types of activities

  • On-Campus Teaching 
  • Department Return to Campus Plan 
  • Faculty Office and Individual Lab Use 
  • Staff Office Use 
  • Temporary Employment Outside of the U.S.A.

All H&S exception requests must be submitted via the Exception Request Form and approved by the H&S Dean’s Office before individuals can be on campus.

For exceptions relating to graduate students and postdocs, please refer to the policies and decision trees on the H&S COVID-19 web page.

Exceptions Process Decision Tree

Please utilize the interactive decision tree below to navigate through the exceptions process to determine the guidelines to review and the action to be taken based on the path you take through the decision tree.

You can also view the decision trees as PDFs. Start with the Exceptions Process Overview.

To zoom in or out on the diagram, hover anywhere on the diagram. There are two toolbars, one above the diagram, and the other below the diagram.

  • From the top toolbar, you can click on the icon with the 4 arrows to expand the diagram to full screen.
  • From the bottom toolbar, you can use the slider bar on the bottom right to zoom in and out of the diagram.