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Memorial Church
Photo by Linda Cicero



Debra Satz

Vernon R. and Lysbeth Warren Anderson Dean of the School of Humanities and Sciences and Marta Sutton Weeks Professor of Ethics in Society

Building 1, Main Quad

Senior Associate Deans

Ran Abramitzky

Senior Associate Dean, Social Sciences and Stanford Federal Credit Union Professor in the School of Humanities and Sciences

Building 1, Main Quad

Mary Beth Mudgett

Senior Associate Dean, Natural Sciences and Stanford Friends University Fellow in Undergraduate Education

Building 1, Main Quad

Central Administration

Changing Human Experience

Laura Goode

Associate Director for Student Programs, Public Humanities

Dean's Office Administration

External Relations

Neil Penick

Associate Dean for External Relations

Arrillaga Alumni Center

Josh Dieterich

Associate Director of Development, Natural and Social Sciences

Arrillaga Alumni Center

Joe Flynn

Project Manager - Writer

Arrillaga Alumni Center

Andy Kwan

Project Manager for Data Analysis

Arrillaga Alumni Center

James Steichen

Associate Director of Development, Humanities

Arrillaga Alumni Center

David Tozer

Senior Associate Director of Development for the Natural Sciences

Facilities Planning and Safety

Mike Bittner

Associate Director of Health, Safety, and Emergency Management

Building 1, Main Quad

Faculty Affairs

Tamara Danoyan

Staff Associate, Faculty Affairs Administrator for the Social Sciences

Colleen Laurent

Staff Associate, Faculty Affairs Administrator for the Natural Sciences


Graduate and Undergraduate Studies

Joseph Brown

Assistant Dean of Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity Education (IDE) and Graduate Recruitment

Building 80, Main Quad

Dan King

Assistant Dean of Graduate Financial Support and Academic Systems

Building 80, Main Quad

Human Resources

Michelle Davis

Chief Human Resources Officer

Littlefield Center
365 Lasuen St. , 3rd Floor

Ashley Kepo’O

Human Resources Administrator

Littlefield Center
365 Lasuen St. , 3rd Floor

Gina Mazlina

Senior Human Resources Business Partner

Littlefield Center
365 Lasuen St., 3rd Floor

Information Technology

Planning, Compliance, and Administrative Effectiveness

Public Relations/Communications

Joy Leighton

Senior Director of Public Relations

Building 1, Main Quad

Fawn Hallenbeck

Digital Communications Manager

Building 1, Main Quad
Stanford, CA 94305-2070

Research Administration

Derek Brown

Conflict of Interest and Commitment and Export Control Manager