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H&S Dean’s Scholars Fellowship

The School of Humanities and Sciences is excited to announce the launch of the Dean’s Scholars Fellowship, advancing the school’s commitment to diversity and inclusion and aligning with Stanford University’s IDEAL initiative.

These fellowships support recruitment of outstanding doctoral applicants who have distinguished themselves academically and who will promote and/or contribute to the diversity (broadly defined) of their academic fields. Dean’s Scholars receive three years of funding (years 1, 2, and 5) to cover their tuition and stipend, along with opportunities to engage in community-building activities and professional development trainings to enhance their graduate student experience.

Nominations are submitted by the department/program to the Dean’s Office (Graduate and Undergraduate Studies). Students do not apply for these fellowships. In order to be nominated, students must be admitted to the doctoral department/program. The nomination process is currently ongoing for the inaugural cohort of students to begin in fall 2024.

Fellowship nominations and awards will be made in conformance with the principles as set forth in the Supreme Court’s June 2023 decision on affirmative action.