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National and International Awards

American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Founded in 1780, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (AAAS) is a society honoring the achievement of outstanding scholars in the natural sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities. It also provides service to the nation and the world by conducting projects responsive to the needs and problems of society.

MacArthur Fellowship

This national fellowship, often referred to as a “genius grant,” was established in 1981 and is given annually to those who “show exceptional merit and promise for continued and enhanced creative work.”

National Academy of Sciences

Established in 1863, the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) is an honorary society engaged in scientific and engineering research that is dedicated to promoting science and technology for the welfare of society. The academy is mandated by Congress to advise the federal government on scientific and technical matters.

National Humanities Medal

The National Humanities Medal honors individuals or groups whose work has deepened the nation's understanding of the humanities and broadened its citizens' engagement with history, literature, languages, philosophy, and other humanities subjects.

National Medal of Science

The National Medal of Science, the nation’s highest scientific honor, is a presidential award given to individuals “deserving of special recognition by reason of their outstanding contributions to knowledge in the physical, biological, mathematical, or engineering sciences.” In 1980, this recognition was expanded to include the social and behavioral sciences.

Nobel Prize

Each fall, the Nobel Foundation in Sweden announces the world’s most prestigious scientific awards: the Nobel Prizes. Since H&S was established in 1948, 13 faculty members have won prizes in physics, chemistry, and economics. Five more laureates have ties to the school.

Pulitzer Prize

This annual award is the nation’s highest honor in newspaper and online journalism, literature, and musical composition. Established in 1904, the prize is administered by Columbia Graduate School of Journalism.