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Conference / Symposium

Pediatric Neuro-oncology with MacArthur Fellow Michelle Monje

Big Ideas
Past Event
Thursday, October 26, 2023
3:00pm - 4:20pm
CEMEX Auditorium, 655 Knight Way, Stanford, CA

Michelle Monje, a 2021 MacArthur Fellow and professor of neurology talks with Ran Abramitzky, professor of economics, about the molecular and cellular mechanisms of postnatal neurodevelopment. Get a glimpse into Monje’s personal and professional path as both a research scientist and practicing physician, how her ideas made a difference in the world, and what advice she has for students and for researchers.

Big Ideas

Stanford’s Nobel Laureates and MacArthur “Genius” Fellows talk with H&S Senior Associate Dean Ran Abramitzky about their award-winning research and their personal and professional paths.

Open to the Stanford community.